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Saturday, March 5, 2011 brings PlayStation Move development to your PC this Spring

Sony's Move.Me is a server application that runs on the PS3 system. It allows anyone with a PS3 to experiment with motion controls and is officially sanctioned and supported by Sony Computer Entertainment," John McCutchan, senior engineer with SCEA’s Developer Support team, wrote on Sony's official blog. "Move.Me sends the complete state of the PlayStation Move and navigation controllers to the PC, giving you the exact same data that licensed developers typically have access to."

The software will be available for download via the PlayStation Network this spring, but you can also apply for early access if you'd like to get started on your project ahead of time. What can you expect from Sony's scholastic efforts you ask.  Well, here goes a list of things Sony seems that may fit the Move's foray into the edu-game space.

  • Games and tools that support kids' physical fitness and nutrition.
  • Kid-friendly programming interfaces for computer/technology classes or individual learning.
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation.
  • Sports physiology or fitness training.
  • Music and the creative arts.


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