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Monday, May 9, 2011

Should Sony just go into Game Publishing?

Sony's 4/20 debacle is being hailed as the largest cyber breach in history with about a 100 million customer's personal information being compromised. Over the past 24 months Sony has been riding a bullet-train called "momentum" and from the looks of it the "bullet-train" has fucking derailed in a blazing inferno.

So what now for Sony? Will they just "say fuck it" and go away looking as incompetent as a single entity can look? Become a Mega publisher like Sega or Square-Enix?

The longer PSN stays down Sony may have to go for the latter.  Sony cannot afford to have the PSN outage surpass 30 days.  After the thirty days of PSN downtime a 100 million people may loose faith all at once. What do you think; is Sony better off staying in the console business or should they become a mega publisher?


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