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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sony hint's at PS4

Cash being spent on R&D for future console

It's only inevitable someone would spill the beans about's Sony's future console plans. Lucky for us the firm's chief financial officer, Masaru Kato, yesterday explained to investors that "future platform" development was the reason for Sony's spike in R&D costs.

Kato explains that future platforms are on the agenda. "The PS3 still has a product life," he said in an investment meeting, as quoted by Eurogamer. "But this is a platform for the future platform... our development work is already underway, so the R&D costs are incurred there." He said he could not specify which platform he was discussing in regards to these costs. Could this be proof the PlayStation 4 is in development, though Kato could nevertheless be referring to other new technologies, or even Sony's next platform, the NGP.


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