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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Set up a Japanesse Account on your Sony Playstation 3

You can finally go Golbal with your Sony Playstaion 3
One of the great thing with owing a Sony Playstation 3, you can set up three different regional accounts. What I mean by regional accounts: you can set up a U.S account download content from the US Playstation Store, A Euorpean account to access the Euorpean content and finally a Japanesse account to access all things Japanesse all for free.

They are many Sony Playstation 3 owners out there that do not know this feature exist.

-Press continue

-Enter DOB and hit Continue

-Click on the first option

-Click on the icon on the bottom right to continue

-Create a PSN ID and continue

-Next is the address (I think?) form. Male or Female

-Now I think it asks you if you want to put money in your PS Network Store Wallet. Choose the second option otherwise you have to put in your credit card (I think).

-Select the first option.

-Credit Card information


Set Up EU Sony PSN Account

- 1 create a new user account from PSN

-2 go to sign up for Playstation Network

- 3 Create a New Account(New Users)

- 4 Select country of origin as UK enter DOB and hit continue

- 5 Accept terms of service and user agreement

-6 Enter your password e-mail address etc

-7 You will need to find an EU address on Google and enter a EU address and you should be almost finished.

-8 Done


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