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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tech Toys for Women Part 1

Tech Toys all women of all ages will enjoy.

1. Sony PlayStation 3


The Sony PlayStation 3 is one of the most Versatile peices of electronics on the planet. Its the perfect play toy for a woman any age. Sony has pull out all the strings to develop the PlayStation 3. You can play Blu-ray Discs, stream your favorite movie from your PC and store them, Play Photos using a USB or ScanDisk memory device, Stream music from your PC and store them on your Sony PlayStation 3. You also can play DVDs,CDs, and connect a MP3 Player. The Sony PlayStation 3 internal Hard Drive is easily upgradable so you can increase your digital media consumption. Owning a Sony PlayStation 3 will show your significantly other that you are a little Tech Savvy.

Can it replace your man?Yes, its quiet its shiny, its comes in Black and White, powerful, energy efficient,entertaining,engaging and when it becomes a little too annoying you can turn it off and walk away and there will be no bad feelings. The family that frags together stays together. If the Sony PlayStation 3 was a guy he would be the handsome, built guy with charm and personality that owns his own Venture Capitol firm that makes a great dad for your future kids.

Price: $399 to $599.00

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2. Nintendo Wii


The Nintendo Wii is a Game System that is only fun with at least two people. The Nintendo Wii is a great system for entertaining and get a mini workout at the same time. The Nintendo Wii is a Motion Sensitive gaming device. Getting the family together can often be very tough time the Nintendo Wii will make family time easier to coordinate and a must have invite at family time.

Can it replace your Man? Yes and No. It probable can help straighten your relationship because there will be something that both of you can do together that is fun and engaging. The family that plays together stays together. If the Nintendo Wii was a guy he would be the nerdy geeky guy that would hold down the perfect job and be great with kids.

Price: New $419.00-absurd Used $363.00 Please note due to the high demand of the Nintendo Wii you will be playing a large premium.

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3. Nintendo DS


The Nintendo DS is a Touch Screen interface portable gaming device. The Nintendo DS is small enough to take with you anywhere and easily fits right in your pocket book. The Nintendo DS also sports numerous colors even pink. The greatest potential of Nintendo DS is the amount of games that help with your cognitive skills. Games such as Brain Age 2: More training In Minutes, A Day, Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes A Day, Big Brain Academy, Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes A Day, Quick Yoga Training, My Spanish Coach, Left Brain, Right Brain and Nintendogs just to name a few. Each one of these games are made with the sole purpose of improving your brain function believe it or not.

Can it Replace your Man? No. But it will definitely help you with your patience when dealing with your significant other. If you just want to be by yourself and be engulf by the solace the Nintendo DS will do the job.

Price: $129.99 New

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