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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Insomniac ends acquisition rumor, eyes multiplatform titles

However, that's not to suggest that the company isn't looking to expand. Price did note that although the company "doesn't have the bandwidth to be able to" create multiplatform games, he did say that he thought it was "impressive to see some of the sales numbers for people who are going cross-platform."

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speaks out: Money talks and you know what walks...Sony may try very hard to keep Insomniac as there own. But with about 30 million plus people out there in the world with either a Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and a Nintendo Wii. It will become an attractive move as the console population blossoms to 100 million plus by the end of next year. Only time and C.R.E.A.M will tell.


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