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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wii average game scores lowest of the consoles

The Wii has been widely criticized for having a large number of haphazard ports, cash-ins, and sub-par games. An analysis by Next Generation's Matt Matthews seems to confirm the criticism by weighing the general critical reception of the three platforms, and his findings suggest that the Wii is in a distant last place.

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NanoGeek speaks out: The Nintendo Wii since its debut has been a rip roaring success enjoying the gravy train called the CashCow generator. Even today you still cannot find one in a retail store and I really do not understand why the demand is so high. There are only a handful of quality games for the Nintendo Wii and everything else is "Crapola". Nintendo is falling into that trap of being labeled a Kids Console that it really cannot escape from. I wonder how many of the millions that have purchased the Nintendo Wii actually play it?


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