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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bioshock Coming To PS3? Rumor

Bioshock Coming To PS3 This September?

According to upcoming Issue of EGM magazine has Bioshock for the Sony PS3 listed in their rumor section. 2K Boston's critically acclaimed title moved from the console to the PC, and a code snippet found in configuration files for that port last year listed PS3 settings.

Third Person Halo Prequel for Holiday 2009
- Bioshock PS3 in September with all DLC and better visuals, Bioshock 2 - shown around same time
- Max Payne 3, Red Dead Revolver 2, LA Noire for 360 as well, GTA MMO
- Persona 4 in North America before the end of 2008, Persona PSP and
- PS3 in the works
- Rock Band 2 with new modes
- New Castlevania for DS, Wii, and a 3D 360/PS3 game
- MGS4 PS3 bundle will be VERY limited. If you haven't pre-ordered by - June you might be screwed


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