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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nano Alert: GTA IV Graphical Superior on Sony PS3

Do you have both a Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 and you have been peeling your eyelids off debating what system should you get GTA IV for.

For me its a pretty tough choice I love Microsoft Xbox 360 achievement points systems. But I have only played GTA IV on Sony Playstation. Also my brother and best friend has Xbox360 . Most of my other buddies have PS3 and they are still under the spell of COD4.

I am a graphic whore and so far I am leaning towards the Sony PS3. And the IGN review may make my choice a little easier.

"For those wanting to know which version looks better, the edge goes to the PS3. The textures and framerate are comparable, but the PS3 has far less pop-in. The 360 has richer colors, but the PS3 has better anti-aliasing making it look a little cleaner. Because GTA IV can preload onto the PS3 hard drive, the in-game loads are faster. Don't worry Xbox owners, the load times are rarely more than 30 seconds and don't occur very often. The slight visual edge goes to PS3, but the 360 is no slouch. Either version will do you proud".

X360 version has FR dips too . more frequent than the PS3 version according to IGN

"Past GTA titles have had mild-to-serious framerate issues and technical glitches, because the games were trying to do far more than the PlayStation 2 could handle. While GTA IV is pushing the PS3 and 360 to the limit, it also runs amazingly well. Sure, there are framerate hitches here and there and (particularly on 360) there is some texture pop-in, but it actually runs better than I expected. That a game with great AI, an awesome physics engine and a detailed open world runs so well and with such short load times is a technical marvel. For that, I can forgive framerate issues and some noticeable aliasing. "(source:


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