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Monday, May 19, 2008

5 Things Sony and RockStar can do to make GTA IV Better

I was sitting playing GTA IV last night and I began to think............ GTA IV on Sony PS3 could be greatly enhance with some very cool firmware updates. Sony may be able to do some pretty cool stuff with GTA IV without the need for exclusive episodic content.

This is my wish list of cool shit I would like to see happen with future firmware updates of GTA IV or maybe in GTA V.

  1. Use YouTube to upload my own videos to watch on any of the television at the safe houses.
  2. Internet radio. I would like the ability to listen any radio station online while I am joy riding around Liberty City. I want the ability to listen to Boston vs the Yankees on ESPN radio as I ride to meet up with Little Jacob to do a job.
  3. This will probably make its way to the PSN: New cars, weapons, boats, planes, jets, just new individual content. I want the option to get a chainsaw ala GOW/RE4 and go on a rampage. I want to fly a Russian MIG through the skies of Liberty City while firing rockets at hapless LCPD.
  4. This may be a little far fetch, I would love to have the ability to create my own boroughs. Maybe use LittleBigPlanet engine to create your very own piece of Liberty City and you and your friends go and cause havoc together online.
  5. A seasonal or weather engine not just rain. What if the seasons change in GTA IV? For example as spring arrives you see more birds and foliage around the area becomes more prevalent, summertime you would see heat waves raising form parked cars and the populous would wear less clothes, Fall will bring the gradual charge in colors of the leaves and finally winter will bring snow in GTA IV. How can you be in Liberty City and there be no Snow?
Who needs exclusive episodic content when you have firmware updates. The next GTA will be develop for the Sony PS3 as the lead platform and RockStar will be able to further push their vision in a more spectacular manner.


phil said...

not for nothing, those were some damn good ideas on how to qoute on qoute improve a game that's already pretty sweet. But, that is a good thought though.

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