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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Nano Comparison: GTA IV Sony PS3 vs GTA IV Xbox 360

GTA IV Comparison Opinion

GTA IV has to be a game that if you have Attention Deficit Association it should not be played. I have only completed about the four missions so far. And the number one reason for about 7 hours of game play and only four mission completed there is a shit load off things to do. You can drive endlessly around for hours just listening to the radio being easily impress by the jaw dropping virtual representation on NY city.

GTA IV is a audio tour de france accompanied with a little eye candy for good measures. I have been playing GTA IV for mostly the Sony PS3. I went to blockbuster to rent GTA IV for my Xbox 360 yesterday to see why there is a perception that the Xbox360 is the better version.

My Xbox 360 is currently about three years old and my Sony PS3 is about 2 years old. For the first year of my PS3 life I only played demos never purchased one game. In that year I played almost every game for Xbox 360 or every game worth playing. That changed Christmas eve 2007 when COD 4 and Folklore arrived. Yesterday was the first time since Christmas Eve 2007 I played my Xbox360 and it felt a little wired.

Verdict: I prefer Sony PS3 version of GTA IV over its Xbox 360 counter part. Here is my List

  1. I truly respect and appreciate Xbox Live it has change the way all gamer socialize in an game console environment but and this is a strong BUT......if you Like to play GTA IV online and you have to decide which system to buy it for. You will have to consider with Microsoft Xbob360 you will have to pay $59.99 plus tax plus Xbox 360 Live subscription which range from $7.95 per month to $49.99 per year. The Sony PS3 is FREE to play with a friend online.
  2. If you did not hear the Sony PS3 is the best HD audio device on the market. The audio quality of GTA IV for both the Sony PS3 and Microsoft 360 are very similar. The audio seems a little more crisp on the PS3 versus Xbox 360 GTA IV. For the most part the sound quailty for both version are great.
  3. Graphics I will give the edge to Sony PS3 GTA IV. Games such as:Ratchet and Clank tools of destruction, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Folklore and even GTA IV has a distinct Sony PS3 look to it. I call it the Next Generation look. The best way I can explain it as the warm color setting on some TV sets or Photoshop editing tools. This look is somewhat evident in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots trailer videos and also Killzone 2. GTA IV feels graphically natural on the Sony PS3 if that makes sense. There is no overwhelming difference between GTA IV graphic for the Sony PS3 and the Microsoft 360. If you like action and adventure movies on IMAX then I recommend the Sony PS3 version it will satisfy every natural human senses. If you tend to lean towards digital screen and IMAX gives you a headache because of the sensory overload get Xbox360 version of GTA IV.
  4. Reliability and noise has not been an issue yet with Sony PS3. When I play GTA IV I have to play it at night when the family is sleep or when they are not here. When you play at night with the Xbox360 the noise that is emitted from the Xbox360 is pretty annoying it sounds like a old air conditioning unit in a Brooklyn brownstone. The Sony PS3 will make your night time GTA IV playing time a little more enjoyable.
  5. Reliability is a known issue with Xbox360 my younger brother had RROD and my very good friend's brother had RROD. That same good friend cannot play Madden 2007 anymore on his 360 it would keep freezing and not allow him to play online. My Xbox360 DVD tray has a mind of its own. It took about 10 minutes for GTA IV to install on my Sony PS3 but it also took about 5 minutes for me to try to get my DVD tray open so I can play GTA IV for my Xbox360.

Bottom line: If you have not bought a New Console yet and you were waiting for GTA IV before you make your purchase. I highly recommend you go with the Sony PS3 besides, Blu-ray, Free Online, the best HD audio devise, PSP connectivity, and the best one year game line up in the history of console games it is a no brainer.


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