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Monday, May 19, 2008

Nano Eye Candy presents: SOCOM Confrontation Marching Out on September 16

Could we have a future COD 4 killer on our hands with Sony latest incarnation of the beloved SOCOM series.

SOCOM will be out in September 16th 2008 this means that the remaining bandwidth that is left after COD4 will be officially used up come this fall.

FYI: I was never a big fan of SOCOM series, but SOCOM Confrontation looks very intriguing. Do not really know much about the story line but SOCOM Confrontation looks like it can provide some serious online battles. Will SOCOM be able to live up to such online greats like COD4? We will be able to find out in September.

Please note: These pics are in game shots. And "Yes" the PS3 does make everything look like its eatable.


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