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Monday, May 19, 2008

Nano Eye Candy presents: More Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo is one sexy Beast if you do not believe me check hi-res pictures provide by our friends at

If you like racing simulation games, Gran Turismo will make you wet in your pants especially you ladies.

Please note: If you are prone to uncontrollable drooling please go to the next post as quickly as possible.

Warning: Pics may cause pupils to spontaneous combust.

Is that a real Nissan Z or is that the Game.............?

That looks a little like Danika!

Who need Paints protection and rust proofing? When your PS3 will insure that your ride always shines.

Damn.....I really can't say too much my eyes are bleeding........

Who needs to get a 60 month loan and put taxes and tags down and you can drive this starting at only $39.99 one time payment.

Looks like a Saturn? or am I just a goober........

Driving hot cars never looked so good!!


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