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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nano Impression: Siren: New Translation Japanese Demo

Siren: New Translation for the Sony PS3 has hit the Japanese PSN store about two weeks ago. If you have not set up a Japanese account you can get some help by clicking here!I highly recommend starting multiple accounts on your PS3 so you can access regional content on the PSN.

Siren: New Translation is a very eerie game audibly the digital audio pierces your eardrums with needles of fear.

The graphic would not turn your eyelids to skittles, Siren: New Translation has it moments where you can see the potential graphically.

Siren: New Translation feels like a remake of an older Sony PS1or PS2 title. The controls takes a little while to get used to. If you have played third person games in the past the controls are very manageable with a little experimentation.

The demo provides you with two missions Sam Monroe "Search for Others" and the second "Escape to Hirasakai with Melissa Gale" The Demo is only about 8 minutes or so long.

Would you enjoy Siren: New Translation Hell yea..? Would it scare you?.... not really, it may put you on the edge. At the end of the demo you can see the full game trying to make you experiment in your pants.

It did its job when the demo ended I still wanted to play some more. I had a few unanswered questions that can only be answered with the purchased of the game. Best of all the games story is in English and the text is in Japanese, you do not need to understand the text to get a full grasp of Siren: New Translation.

Watch Video

Warning: If you have any Bowel disorders or Bladder issues please watch Video with the volume on MUTE.


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