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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nano Impression: Sony PS3 Haze Demo

Sony PS3 Haze Demo Impressions

The holly grail to a great FPS is usually controls and everything comes thereafter. The first thing you will notice about Haze for the Sony PS3 is how prefect the controls feel.

Will if you did not know Haze for PS3 is out on the European PSN store I had the moment to play through the single player campaign and some of the 4 player co-op multiplayer campaign.

Haze looks very good although there are online chatter that Haze for Sony PS3 resolution runs at 1024by576. If Haze is only running at 560p who care the game looks gorgeous. The foliage plays a great homage to Uncharted. If you are a slave the the eye candy gods Haze will fulfill your religious obligations.

First and foremost I am a Audio Junkie the better the sound the more immersive the experience is for me(I am a huge fan of Imax). Haze sounds good, the guns and explosions sounds like it should the full game should give your digital surround sound system a workout.(Got to love Digital Audio)

4 player co-op multiplayer is only to be played. I played one quick session with one person online, its the single player campaign with your friends.

Bottom Line: Haze is looking to do what Halo did but a little better. A good futuristic story with great controls, frame rate and a potentially outstanding online component(Till RFOM2) .My brief affair with the demo I can see the potential of Haze. The frame rate is silky smooth(Think warm butter sitting on the lap of a pimp outside on an August afternoon). There are no loading, popups, no issues and again the story may be a little compelling. That pretty good for a work in progress.

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Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me why Sony told me I needed a 1080p set to get the most out of my PS3? I'm starting to get a funny feeling in my stomach.

NanoGeek said...

You do not need a 1080p set to get the most out of gaming for the PS3 I currently have a 35" Samsung CRT HD Digital Display 1080i. I use DVI-HDMI connection. You need 1080p to get the best out of Blu-ray...My TV does not really do Blu-ray movies justice. They look very good. But there is no leaps and bounds with blu-ray on my set. thanks for the comment

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