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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sony PS3 GTA IV Eye Candy that you can Play

Will be renting GTA IV Xbox360 today just to compare.

-When I originally inserted GTA IV into my PS3 on Tuesday night at about 11pm I was a little excited......actually I was very excited.

-Note it took a total of 7 minutes to install on HD not too bad there is a few thing I can do in the mean time.

-Took a total of about 9 1/2 minutes before the actual start of the game. The TV that I am currently using is a Samsung CRT 35" HDTV 1080i HDMI connection. I played GTA IV for about 10 minutes driving around getting a feel for the game.

-In the first ten minutes I was in awe with the graphics and was pretty disappointed all at the same time. I began to wonder why does GTA look like this like it was missing something.

-Yesterday I came home form work at about 11:45pm I decide lets get a little GTA before bed.... started the game I was little bother by the way it look. It you press start there is an option for game settings . If you scroll to the right to Display Setting and hit X on the PS3 control pad you have the option to change the Contrast, Brightness and Effects or FX(I am not really sure at work right now) I change my Contrast by about 15% and brightness about 15% and left the third option on default.

--After this was done I would have to say GTA IV is one pretty SOB. The Minor adjustment to the Display settings did wonders to how the game looked on my TV. For 20 more minutes all I did was drive around and cause a little havoc licking my eyeballs.......GTA is one of the prettiest games on Sony PS3 100% Eye Candy. I have not played 360 GTA but will be playing it tonight to see if there is a difference.

--Bottom line I will be a little skeptical about the comparison videos. Where these videos shoot at default display settings? What type of TV was used? I would recommend that if you have Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox360 rent each game first then make the decision. If you rent both games than buy the one you feel its the best. The total cost of renting both Sony PS3 and Microsoft GTA IV will be $77.97 without tax.

--I would Highly recommend the Sony PS3 version for a few reasons:

  • Free online****Priceless
  • No pop ups at all. Please note I played a grad total of 20 minutes or so. During my play time I was truly impress by the scope of the City and attention to detail.
  • It Free to play online--oops repeat...
  • DLC will come to Sony PS3 reason being C.R.E.A.M(cash rules everything around me) By the end of this year PS3 should have an install base as large as or larger than Xbox 360 and money is everything you do not spend $100 million dollars to limit your maximum return on investment it is pretty stupid to think Sony PS3 will get no DLC.
  • Sisaxis support will allow you to operate certain vehicles with motion control. I am not the biggest fan of Sixaxis only if it implemented right(best game with Sixaxis done right FolkLore).
  • Blu-ray....Disc hey you can say that you have a Blu-ray Library


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