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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Top ten things you can Do while GTA IV Installs unto your PS3

The world has a few things out there that can cause many countries to beat their war drums: Lies, Treason, Chemical or Biological attack, Building a Nuclear plant when the world do not want you too, and etc. Will at 12am Tuesday morning a war has quietly and fiercely begun and the culprit GTA IV.

--Get your Flame retarded suit on because with the recent release of GTA IV for Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox360 every fanboy dream will become a reality with the web distorting the perception that the PS3 version of GTA IV is inferior to Xbox 360 . For the record I am currently playing GTA IV for the Sony PS3 at the moment and it is a perfect ten.

--One thing that Sony need to fix with the PS3 is the Install time. Before you can start the game it will take about 10 full minutes before you can get your Grand Theft on. I have came up with a list of the 10 top things you can do when you are waiting for GTA IV to install unto your Sony PS3 HD

  1. Absolutely nothing because no pop-ups and load times is priceless
  2. Play Xbox 360 version of GTA IV while you wait
  3. Have sex with your mate-some of you can pull this off in ten minutes I know I can.
  4. Play a drinking Game and get drunk in real life and in the Game make MADD proud
  5. Do some drugs a little crack, a little crystal meth,LSD,PCP,DIP, or brown brown
  6. Get a call girl or Hooker get your Grand Theft on before you even start playing
  7. Start a Blog about how long it took you to start playing GTA IV
  8. Play COD4 naked
  9. Start to learn the Cherokee Indian language called Iroquoian
  10. You can learn the ancient art of Ebonics


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