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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sony PS3 intergrates YouTupe API

Sony PS3 owners and developers has another great reason to rejoice. YouTube API blog as a posting from Nikhil Chandhok, Product Manager for YouTube Syndication that refers to the implementation on how YouTube API will help create a enhanced gaming experience for all.

"We are happy to announce that PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3TM) has integrated the YouTube APIs to allow game developers to create games that enable direct upload of in-game video captures to YouTube. This YouTube upload functionality can be incorporated not only into new PS3 game titles, but also existing PS3 titles that have the ability to receive network updates. Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. has added YouTube functionality to Mainichi Issho, a popular game with PS3 users in Japan. Gamers will now be able to upload their in-game video captures to YouTube. We're excited at the opportunity this presents and look forward to more and more games to be enhanced with YouTube." (Source)

That is great that Sony is open to offering the best service for its PS3 owners by partnering with YouTupe and Google. Sony PS3 is still lacking a few things that can make it truly shine brighter then ever.

  • Video Chat
  • Check my message when playing any game.
  • In game Chat can be a great convenience or the biggest pain in the ass. But I would like to have the option.
  • Please let me charge my PS3 controller when I power down my Sony PS3.
  • Be able to parental lock individual video content.
  • A better web browser. The current web browser that Sony utilized is the worst. I am hoping this is address in the not too distant future. What is the purpose of a web browser with extremely limited ability to browse. **(you can install Linux on your PS3 to enhance your browsing experience)


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