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Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Why Xbox's best shooter is better on PS3"

Xbox360 fanboys are at the brink of total self destruction because Xbox360 classic hit BioShock is officially confirmed for Sony PS3. According to UK PlayStation magazine PSM3 which hits news stands June 5th will be dishing out the juicy detail of a superior version of an already great game.

I would have to say BioShock for Xbox 360 was a great FPS shooter with beautiful graphics, great sound and a great story with an interesting twist. This a a quick list of a few things I would like to see in an enhanced version of BioShock for Sony PS3.

  • Online Multiplayer could be interesting if done right. Hell....if GTA IV could do online multiplayer our guys at 2K Boston/Australia are very well capable."Would you Kindly"
  • I would like start of the game before Jack's ill fated flight "Would you Kindly"
  • BioShock would be on Blu-Ray which means HD Audio and uncompress digital visuals maybe 1080p at 60fps?"Would you Kindly"
  • A "Making of BioShock" HD featurette."Would you kindly"
  • Maybe use picture and picture so while playing BioShock the creative director or producer can do his or her commentary. "Would you Kindly"
  • Be the first game to incorporate BD-live in a game. Have the ability to download BioShock ringtones and wall paper to my cell phones right from the game."Would you Kindly"
BioShock is a great game with a greater story and if there is any way that BioShock could be a better game when it arrives on PS3 I am totally for it. I am a lover of sloppy seconds done right.


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