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Friday, August 8, 2008

Coming Back Fall 2008

Hello people, its been a while since I have post anything. Sorry for the delay, I've been insanely busy with work, life and my computers died........ I hate Microsoft(I do own a Xbox 360) for the record. I had a 4 year old HP, a 3 year old Toshiba laptop and they both have died on me.

My Desktop has some form of computer cancer so its on its last leg. But I have some good news, just bought a new CPU the bad news its not an Apple. So I will be able to do some things that I have been meaning to do.

First NanoGeekTech will be going through another transformation for the Fall 2008. The reason for fall 2008, there will be many things that will be happening in PS3 land this fall and into 2009. I would like to change the website to reflect a more PS3 vibe. So please feel free to leave suggestions of what you would like your PS3 centric blog to include or not include.

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