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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Life With Playstation Impressions

Well Life with Playstation is finally out. One of Sony's long line of promises has finally arrived and is it crack up to the Hype or non-hype. In short, no but Life with Playstation has tremendous potential.

At the moment Life with Playstation is very bare bones. The text is pretty hard to read on my HD display and there are internet rumblings that this is the case on most displays HD and probable worst on non-HD displays. The virtual earth that is used as your road map to the world's current events is render to perfection. That is probable the best part of Life with Playstation.

While your are brushing up on the world's hot topics Folding@HOME will be running in the background. Now I think this a slightly more engaging way to get many more to use Folding@HOME. You can switch to the traditional Folding@HOME or Life with Playstation by pressing the square button.

While using your new Sony PS3 application you have the ability to listen to your music on your factory HD or custom HD by either selecting individual track or tracks by mood. Such as , Recommended, Energetic, Calm, Dramatic, Upbeat and Electronic. This feature is not too bad it mostly depends on what you have on your HD. When I selected Calm, it did a great job selecting Calming tracks for the first five or so songs, then the next song was Method Man......

Overall Life with Playstation is not too bad, its neither exciting or revolutionary but there is potential for greatness. You will noticed that Sony is using Google and the Weather Channel to get your information in real time. They are many possibilities to further enhance Life with Playstation for example, geo-tagging, Google maps(GPS with 3D view), HOME integration, Google Android applications, and many more that you can think about. How can Sony further enhance Life with Playstation?


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