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Thursday, September 18, 2008

“Life with PlayStation” is Here.........Finally

Hey people "Life with Playstation" is here. But it not here....ok its here as of last night and this morning at 7:27am et I had nothing but it seems like its finally here. I am currently downloading the Folding@HOME update currently.

Sony slip in firmware update 2.43 last night or afternoon depending on your time zone, the firmware allows us to download "Life with Playstation" finally and it may have also enable advance downloading for GT5. Advance downloading allows for P2P sharing files to upload and download faster so this means GT-TV content will be able to download and upload a lot faster.

I stole this video form PSBlog, I hope you enjoy and I'll be giving my impressions on "Life with Playstation", Star Wars: The force Unleashed, and R&C Quest for Booty.

Update: "Life with Playstation" is up and running 9/18/08 7:49am et


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