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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NanoGeekTech Presents: Sony PS3 Comments from around the Web

Woops...sorry about that guys pressed the wrong button. Hey today we are going to look at comments about BioShock PS3 has 5Gb, 10-minute mandatory install posted on N4G today. Feel free to comment on the comments............

-HighDefinition - I love installs....
Smoke a spliff while you wait.

- cliffbo- there is an easy solution to the 10 minute install... buy it 10 minutes earlier

-radio0o -i love when they use the HDD. i have never really noticed load times, pop in, etc on my ps3. im so happy all PS3s have HDD by default. i much rather have a install time in the beginning where i can go get a sandwhich and come back instead of interrupting in the middle of the game with load times or weird pop ins and tearing

-Idonthatejustcreate -Pros: Good story Good Graphics Trophie support Cons: Huge install Old tech - Has been out for the xbox360 about a year. No longevity because of lack of multiplayer or personal customization. I dunno if it's worth it for me with all the amazing games coming out, but imo the more games the marrier so even though I won't buy it im positive some others will.

-NegativeCreep427 - I got another idea on how to spend those 10 free minutes.If you plan on buying LittleBigPlanet like myself, continue to think about ideas and themes and visualize what kind of levels you're going to create once you get you hands on that game. Or even better for yourself, do some Perfect Pushups while you wait.

-IdleLeeSiuLung- I don't want to upgrade my 40GBThis s*cks! This is turning into a "standard" now. S*cks to be a 20GB or 40GB PS3 owner right now. Suddenly that bargain $400 you paid for it turned into a $500 purchase because you have to purchase a new hard drive and install it. Unfortunately, for me I own the 40GB MGS4 LE PS3.... I don't want to open it and install a new hard drive in it or pay extra $$$ for it. Hard drive installs should be optional, unless there is a cr*p load of space on it by standard! I don't care that I can upgrade it or not.... Sony sold me a device and if that is a requirement it should be included. I don't want to turn my PS3 in to a constant upgradeable PC.

-CViper-You guys, just report the comment as Spam. Keep the fantard wars in the open zone.I'm sick of these guys that are bitter because the 360 is failing in every possible way this year clogging up the site. Yea bioshock has a HDD install. Because it does. Thats about the end of that discussion. What are these idiots going to be saying when they can install full games on the 360 like the PS3 is doing with Football Manager and burnout? That installs are still bad? Face it, you idiots here have been nickel and dimed by M$ every step of the way, if developers COULD install HDD titles on the 360, they would. I know this guy never reponds to his little comment bombs, but how about you compare bioshocks graphics to MGS4/Uncharted/Heavenly Sword/Gt5p and see what conclusion you come to. Its pathetic that MS has no exclusive titles that boast amazing visuals outside of an Unreal Engine game. Discs have nothing to do with games, they just allow much more data. Like when the PS2 used the DVD player instead of CD-Rom. Yeah, I believe you just got owned.

-Omega4 -@CViper
Graphics dont make a good game, Bioshock good GOTY by loads of sites and for the record it has great graphics
What im getting at if the fact the the PS3 NEEDS installs to make their games ON PAR with their 360 counter parts. Just imagine if the 360 had a HDD as standard the PS3 would likely be left in the dust!
I just find it amazing that even with a 50GB disc poor 20GB PS3 owners have to install 5GB just to play it, so they can only play 4 games or buy a new harddrive
Bluray FTW right?....right?


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