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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NanoGeekTech presents: PURE Demo impression (PS3)

Developer: Black Rock Studio
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Platform(s) Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows
Release date(s) NA September 23, 2008 EU September 25, 2008
Genre: Off-road racing
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Rating: ESRB: E
Media: DVD, Blu-ray Disc

PURE Demo for the Sony PS3 reminds me of SSX tricky for the old PS2 the biggest difference being ATVs and land versus skies, snowboards and snow. If any of you out there ever played SSX Tricky for the PS2 you know SSX Tricky was and still is pure, unadulterated, fun.

The first thing that may over power you about PURE is how good it looks. PURE is a gorgeous looking game screaming in HD. The music and sound fits the game, with its typical racing sounds and heavy rock induced sound track.

The demo starts out with a tutorial course that helps you get familiar with the controllers. Once you have complete the minor tutorial you are thrust into your first race with 16 other ATV riders. This is where the fun factor is taken up a few notches. During the course there are a few multiple paths at your discretion. You cannot really go anywhere, you have to stay on the correct path or you will crash or get stuck.

PURE gives a great sense of speed and flight. What I mean by flight, when you hit a jump perfectly you soar into the air and it almost feels like you can feel the weight of your ATV when pulling of some pretty sick ass tricks. You have to do tricks to gets boost and more tricks you do and land allows you to unlock additional tricks.

PURE seems to be a a fun and exciting experience this is the cloest thing I can get to the Next version of SSX Tricky. Its worth the bandwidth to download.

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