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Monday, September 8, 2008

Top Ten Reasons Why I do not play my Xbox 360...

The Xbox360 has made this era of next generation of gaming a lot more interesting and most importantly if you are a gamer, extremely fun. With competition comes innovation and this means as a Sony PS3 owner or a Microsoft 360 owner we all benefit. Nintendo Wii owners are a different beast, it almost seems like they do not care if they get shitty ass games as long as they can wiggle a remote and bust a sweat. I have some issues with Nintendo I will write about at a later date.

With Microsoft just announcing price cuts on all Xbox360's, a new LIVE experience due by the end of September and the Internet being littered with rumors of a all new Microsoft 720 arriving around 2010-2011. It feels like this is Microsoft Xbox360 last year with any great exclusive game lineups.

There is currently only 1.5 games(yeah 1.5 games) that I am currently looking to purchase on Microsoft Xbox 360 and that is it(nothing else..........). I know you are wondering 1.5 games? How the hell is that possible.....My first Xbox 360 game purchase for this year would be Gear of War II and the maybe Fable II( hence the .5)

When Gear of War II arrives on November 7, 2006, I will be playing my 360 again, right now my PS3 gets all the love and attention in my HOME. It plays movies, entertains the kid, up convert DVDs, store all my movies, and etc. Here is my top ten reasons for not playing my Xbox 360.

  1. Loud as all hell. Every time I turn on my Xbox 360 when it has not been powered up for a while, my 360 sounds like an airplane landing. After playing my PS3 non stop since Christmas 2007 you get use to just only hearing the "beep" when it starts up and when you turn it off. My Sony PS3 is as silent as a Ninja going for the kill. My 360 is louder than two tyrannosaurus rex mating in the wild.

  2. My DVD drive has a mind of its own. If one day I decide to turn my 360, the DVD tray decides to have something to say about that. I can spend a good 15 minutes trying to get my DVD tray open so I can insert a game and play. Its like two virgins trying sex for the first takes a while to get it in....

  3. Xbox 360 Failures: The Inside Story This is a very interesting read. I am not the biggest fan of the big MS( I would purchase the Xbxo720) but this just puts fuel on the fire.

  4. No Games: Who would have guess that at this moment the PS3 has more games that I want to play than the mighty Microsoft Xbox360. In the next 12 months I could count on two hands all the games that are coming out for my PS3 that has me excited. For my 360 I could only think of one game and you guess it, Gear of War II and maybe Fable II.

  5. I like playing online with my friends, a few of my friends has an Xbox 360 and a few have PS3. Most importantly my younger brother is in Germany and he has a 360, its a great way to communicate with him for free. I will never ever pay to with my friends anymore. Ever since playing on the PSN for free with virtually no lag why should I be force to pay. I currently have more friends on my PSN versus LIVE. PC guys and gals who plays any of MS games online play for free. Why do Microsoft fuck console owners I do not understand. Many would say you get what you pay for........yeah and that is called "RROD"

  6. They are no good LIVE games except for Braid(I cannot comment form experience but the Internet loves this game), I have never downloaded any games for LIVE besides Demos. Sony PS3 PSN seems to have much better quality games on the PSN versus LIVE. For example Warhawk, SOCOOM: Confrontation, Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty( Beyonce Knowles does not make any special appearances) and Siren: Blood Cruse are great full games that using the power of the PS3 versus getting a gimp ass game that gets boring the first time you press start.

  7. My Hard Drive for my Xbox 360 is only 20GB and that sucks ass through straws. If you want to upgrade to a 120GB you have to spend $144.00 or more. Hell I can get a 320GB Sata 2.5" HD for my PS3 for $85.68.

  8. Ever time I see that stupid ass Jerry Steinfeld and Bill Gates commercial(only saw it about three times over the weekend) makes me want to kick my Xbox 360..

  9. By this point you can tell I play my PS3 a lot more than my Xbox360...When I grab a 360 controller it feels like a new born baby in my hands. Playing with DualShock 3 especially fighting games feel so much better on PS3 versus the 360. And if most of you did not know that the PS3 controller is all digital....

  10. Last but not least...........I just got tired of my Xbox360 after playing games like MGS4, Uncharted, R&CTOD, R&CQFB, Heavenly Sword, Haze(yeah I said HAZE), The Last Guy, Folklore just to name a few I got spoiled. Its like eating lobster tail and filet Mignon for dinner every night for months and you come home and the wife makes you Oodles n Noodles with hot sauce!!!!!!! You would think that there is a glitch in the Matrix....................


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