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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patirots Nano Impression

Once in a while great things seems to emerge in our lives that can make profound impact. It can be a great movie, Unusual Suspects, a great car Lexus LS600h, or just a special moment in your life "the birth of a child".

Video Games has officially stepped into the world of something "Special" MGS4: Guns of the Patriots Directed by Hideo Kojima, and a Sony PS3 exclusive has to be the first game to try its best to merge Hollywood with the interactively of a video game.

MGS4: Guns of the Patriots is a game that may put a few people off because of the complexity, MGS4 is not COD4 or in no way like Gears Of War for Xbox360. MGS4 lets you play the game any way you want to. You can run and gun, sneak around and not kill a single person(except for Boss Battles), you can play FPS style, you get the point MGS4 is arguably the only game on the market that gives you almost an endless amount of possibilities to tackle any given scenario.

Graphics: Graphics are the key element to a great action game. Akin to special effect being a major enhancer of a great action movie. MGS4 sports arguably the best graphics on any system at this moment this includes: PC, Xbox360, and I'm sorry the Nintendo Wii(the Wii should not count) I have never seen something so beautiful dance across my HD display since HS, Uncharted, Folklore and R&CTOD(MGS4 takes it to another level).

Playing all of Sony exclusive should in theory prepare you for Metal gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots but its does not this is graphical splendor at its best. The attention to detail is almost mind boggling. For example there is a brief glimpse one of the Bosses Camel Toe no kidding....there is not a jagged line on your TV, my best body came over and the first thing he said was "Woow that looks very crisp and clean" and it does. There are moments in MGS4 that are truly an absolute specular to be hold. A great movies gets your attention and emotion by building great moments and MGS4 is the only game that strides so hard to pull off some of the most breathtaking moments in Video gaming history. And credit to Hideo Kijma he pulls them off with ease and technial brilliance that will and should have Hollywood rethink a lot of things about their industry.

Every movie or trailer you see online for MGS4 is using in-game assets making the transition from cut scenes to actual game play seamless. Some may complain about the number or length of MGS4 cut scenes, for as long as I can remember I have played games for the cut scenes especially the final cut scenes when you beat the game. I feel as this generation of gaming has moved forward the lack of great endings has gone down the toilet and same goes for great cut scenes to unfold the story.

Sound: I am a sucker for pretty things that sound good. One thing that the Sony PS3 does better that most things on the market is DIGITAL AUDIO. All the audio in MGS4 is uncompress digital audio if you have a HD audio system you are in for a treat. If you do not have a HD audio device your are still in for a treat. I am currently using a Sony 6:1 Dolby Digital Receiver no HDMI connection. I am using a digital optical connection. Some of the riches sounds you will hear in any game will be in MGS4 with the power of Blu-ray really shining bright.

Overall Feelings:
I can sit here and write for days about one of the greatest gaming achievements, there is enough information online that will say the same thing only in different words. Some people may not like the amount of cut scenes, or may be turn off by how complex MGS4 may feels.

If you ever sit down and give MGS4 a chance and you happen to be a gamer you will walk away with the appreciation that Hideo Kijma did something that all developers should do when making a game no matter what system it is on "Hideo Kijma put his heart and soul into MGS4 and it is evident throughout the entire game"If all games where made with such care, love and appreciation to the gamer, video games would be an untouchable medium.

MGS4 is a great game that is worth the price of admission and the cost of a new PS3(the best Blu-ray player and Audio devise money can buy) if you do not have one. If not owning the best HD audio devise or best Blu-ray player on the market does not excite your "Inner Geek" I think MGS4 would only "Feed the Geek"

After Thoughts:MGS4 is still consider a first generation game for the Sony PS3 what is going to happen when people finally get the grasp of the Sony PS3 three, four years from now? Would Sony be able to put Hollywood on their knees in five to eight year? Would Sony PS3 make Hollywood re-think a new direction? Is Hollywood scared about the future of gaming and how it is going to impact their industry?


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