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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Only One Complaint about MGS4!

MGS4 is an wonderfully brilliant game that has ushered in the next generation of gaming with a silent bang.

Setting up your online account to play MGS4 online is a pain in the ass. You need to set up a Konami ID and a Gamer ID. When you set up two different account you have to make sure your password includes numbers, letters, (-),(_) and(.). This is the case for your Gamer ID and your Konami ID. This process is a pain to do on the Sony PS3 it took me about 20 minutes to try to register and was a very frustrating experience.

Now it may be easier just to hop on your computer or laptop and do it form there, that is what I will be doing this evening.

The only reason I see for a separate account to play MGSO would be to thwart off cheater with multiple accounts, and most importantly micro transactions. Sony PSN has came leap and bounds since it came it over a year ago. "But" there should be a more efficient means of setting up an account to play MGSO.

I guess once I am up and running MGSO all my aggravation will melt away.................


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