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Thursday, November 6, 2008

NanoGeekTech: SOCOM: Confrontation Nano Review

Developer: Slant Six Games
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Designer: Allen Goode
Series SOCOM
Platform: PlayStation 3 PSN
Release date: NA October 14, 2008
JP October 30, 2008
AUS November 27, 2008
EU November 28, 2008
Genre:Third-person shooter, Action
Mode: Online multiplayer
Rating: ESRB: M
PEGI: 16+
Media Blu-ray Disc, PlayStation Network
Input methods: Gamepad

After an horrendous bug filled beta debut SOCOM: Confrontation is finally out in store and the PSN. You can purchase SOCOM: Confrontation by itself for about $39.99, with the official Sony Headset for $59.99(the best deal) or download it from PSN for $40.00.

SOCOM: Confrontation is an multiplayer online only game for up the 32 player, there is no single player campaign. The levels are big and complex enough to ensure tons of tactical and strategic gameplay . I have played SOCOM once or twice on the PS2 and it was an underwhelming experience. I was never a huge fan or a die hard SOCOM warrior.

SOCOM: Confrontation is in no way like COD4/5 or even Halo so if you like to run and gun and love unlimited spawning and hate to die with one bullet head shots SOCOM: Confrontation may be a rude awaken for many. Do not get me wrong SOCOM is a different FPS its a tactical FPS it makes you think before you go blindly looking for someone to cap.

It took me a while to get used to how SOCOM plays out. Most of the maps, spawning is disable so if you die you have to wait till the end of the game to play again. At first this was hard, I hated sitting there waiting for the game to be over to play again and to die 2 seconds into it and have to wait again. You need tons of patience when playing SOCOM or you will be owned like a cheap five dollar necktie. I still do not know if I like the whole waiting to playing again when I die, because the match can take a while especially when you die 2 seconds in. But as my skills improve so does my patience.

You can tell that SOCOM: Confrontation is not using the CELL to its maximum potential, SOCOM looks like a next generation title and it looks just as good if not better than most next generation games out there. During the beta trials there where numerous graphically glitches texture tearing, slight pop ups, LAG(who would think the PS3 can lag) and sometimes when you start a game you can see the textures quickly being filled in. I am glad to say all glitches that I have experience throughout the beta is finally gone, making SOCOM more pleasant to the eyes. The standard war torn colors are used, which means you will be treated to a melody of different hues of brown, gray and a little green. If you are a graphic whore SOCOM should scratch that itch.

SOCOM: Confrontation excels in the THX 5.1 Dolby digital department. Your guns sounds like there real life counter parts and explosions never sounded this good. If you are able to play SOCOM with a great to good digital surround system you will be in for a treat. When things go boom in SOCOM you can feel the boom with a great/good/decent sub-woofer. The sound of bullets hitting someone when they are shot also adds too the total overall immersion.

Is SOCOM: Confrontation fun, yes it can be great fun depending on how you like your shooters. Some if not many may not see the value of a smart FPS, because of one shot deaths, no spawning, and having to wait what may seem like an eternity to play again may deter some. This is not your 360/PS3 COD4/5 running and gunning shooter its a thinking FPS you have to be careful, because it sucks to die trust me.

In spite of the fixes and improvements introduced so far, Confrontation still lacks many promised features -- most notably clan ladders, a party system, and matchmaking. I have heard of SOCOM: Confrontation freezing up after extended hours of play and you have to hard reset your PS3. I have played the beta to death and also the full retail game and this has yet to happen to me.

Should you go and purchase SOCOM: Confrontation I will have to say yes. The biggest reason would be the $59.99 version with the headset which is the best value and at the same time you get one of the best gaming headsets for free or you are paying for the headset and getting the game for free. So it only makes sense, if you never play SOCOM: Confrontation you will get your money worth just from the headset. I think you will also enjoy playing SOCOM, its offers a different pace and the ability to play a FPS where you have to think, be patience and communicate with others.

Graphics: B

Sound: B

Fun Factor: B

Controls: A

Replay Value: A-

NanoGeekTech Overall Score: B

Must buy: Yes if not for the game for the headset.


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