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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NanoGeekTechTV presents: Could this be Sony's Answer to the Wiimote?

Motion sensitive control are the rage these days and I blame Nintendo with their cheap, cash cow, milf converting pet project called the Wii. They are a few things I have to say, I do not like about the Nintendo Wii: beside it being marketed to my 5 year old it seems Nintendo went backwards in terms of hardware technology. And the respon

If Sony can pull off a more realistic and accurate motion sensitive controller with the power of the CELL, Sony can take casual gaming to the HD next level. Its no secret that Sony is working on a new controller to compete with the Wiimotes and Xbox's 360 new motion sensitive controller. but the Internet has been litter with speculation and rumors and I am here to put fuel on the flame of speculation.
I hope if Sony goes this route, why not have uber-responsive motion control combine with the power of the new Sony Eye-toy. Can you say Minority Report?
Hit the jump and enjoy the videos:


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