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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Killzone 2 Let the Hype Begin

With less than 40 days away Killzone 2 is preparing to grace the world with what my be the first true great HD Games of all time. The internet is slowing getting their slime sticky hands on the final build of Killzone 2.

I will take some Killzone 2 headlines from different gaming sites I like to visit and trust and help pour fuel on the hype monster. I have been anticipating KZ2 since it was announcement at E3 2005.

"The Best Bits of Killzone 2
Five reasons why Guerrilla's battle-hardened shooter will dominate PS3 next month.

"Killzone 2: Final build IGN Impressions HD"

"Killzone 2 vs 2008's Best Shooters"

"CES 09 "uber nerds" get Killzoned"

"Killzone 2 media review embargo lifts early February"

"Killzone 2 is "a Powerful Contender for Best Game of 2009"


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