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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sony PS3 will crush all in 2009 Part 2

The great thing about "Sony PS3 will crush all in 2009 Part I" as of right now all games mention are exclusive to Sony PS3. Sony is on the brink of delivering one of highest quality, AAA production, year in gaming ever.

Some may think that Sony is on the way out, but 2009 will prove that is not the case. With many more exclusive easing it's way into the public light and new rich features being teased, such as HD 3D gaming.

Here are some more reasons why "Sony will crush all in 2009"

1. Flower

Each level takes place in a different flower's dream as it sits on the windowsill of a dull city apartment. As the player progresses through the game, the apartment and city will gradually become more vibrant and colourful. The player guides a petal through brightly coloured, abstract fields by tilting the motion-sensitive controller, pressing any button on the controller gives a speed boost. The aim is to guide the petal into other flowers in the field, triggering an explosion of colour that spreads through the game world.

2. Team ICO Secret Project

Not much is known about the "Team ICO Secret Project" because it is a "secret". Team ICO usually puts a game out every four years and 2009makes it four years since Team ICO has shown any love for PlayStation. What ever it is it's going to be big and the world will stand still for a few seconds.

3. BBC Repoter "Secert Game"

Do not know anything on this one just like everyone else. I will take Mr. Darren Waters word that this "Uber Secret Super Duper Game"is not vaporware.

4. MAG

Zipper interactive Massive Action Game(stupid ass name I hope it's changed) is a multiplayer online FPS game that may be "Play to Pay". It will be the first console to offer a online FPS that will allow up to 256 players to slaughter each other for a small fee "maybe".

5.Wardevil: Unleash the beast within.

Not much is know about Wardevil beside it is still on it's way before year end. The game will be using a new gaming engine called RTE1080(real time). The WarDevil RTE 1080 has been developed to run at 1920X1080 HD and run 60FPS.

6. DC Universe Online.

Get ready to get your superhero on with all of your favorite DC Universe heroes and villains in Sony second MMO for PS3. This is technically not an exclusive because it is also available for PC.

7. EyePet

If you have a kid or is just pretty lonely human being, EyePet will be here sometime this year to be your virtual companion. There are no shotguns, no blood, no decapitations it's just pure virtual cuteness.

Sony is on the verge of delivering 17 exclusive games that will help change the way we look at current and future games. At the end of 2009 Sony's future will shine brightly again and will regain the throne as King and Queen.

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