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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sony PS3 will crush all in 2009

Happy New Year and what a great year it's going to be a Sony PS3 owner. After CES 2009 Sony has teased the shit out of us with some incredible 3D HD PS3 games. But I digress, what will 2009 bring to the millions of PS3, Wii and 360 owners?

I really cannot say much about what Microsoft have under wraps because as of right now it looks very bleak. Nintendo in my eyes is dead, with an endless stream of shovel ware being propagated across the masses and Nintendo failing in every way not to bring back great classics.

We know for a fact that Sony has some great shit cooking up in secert and currently public information. Microsoft has publicly claim that they would not release a new console anytime soon because of the economy but by the end of this year that propaganda will go waist side.

This will be why "Sony PS3 will crush all" * warning: please try to refrain from screaming with joy, jealously or envy.

1.White Knight Chronicles

The ass stomping has begin a little early. WKC was released technically December 25th 2008 in Japan. White Knight Chronicles can be imported and played on any Sony PS3 worldwide. This year we have a chance to see a true next generation JRPG on a grand scale.

White Knight Chronicles will help satisfy those in need for their Final Fantasy fix. WKC has debut to a pretty good reception. White Knight Chronicles has sold 282,985 in about two plus weeks in Japan only. When WKC arrives States side late 2009 expect mass hysteria.

2. KillZone 2

There not much to say about KZ2 besides it will redefine the FPS experience for years to come. I will leave it at that and let you be the judge.

warning: If you only have a Xbox360 this video will make you trade it in tonight so watch with caution.

Please pick your jaw up it's unbecoming of you.

3.Demon's Soul

Demon's Soul may not be on many radars but as of right now that blip you hear in your head is it. Demon's Soul fits somewhere between Devil May Cry and Oblivion. In a medieval world, you play as a lone hero standing against the forces of darkness in the kingdom of Bokitaria. The region's ruler, King Alant, was clearly meddling in forces he didn't understand in an attempt to keep his northern kingdom prosperous before the inevitable happened: All hell broke loose.

4. Yakuza 3

This latest installment will continue the adventures of Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza and Yakuza 2. Yakuza for PS is a very popular franchise in Japan with a large following. There is not much known about story but hey it's from Sega and you are a bad ass in the Japanese mafia.

5.The Agency

Sony PS3 first MMO. The Agency pits Elite spies against terrorism, corruption, and rogue states around the globe. There will be different classes to choose from:

* Spec Ops: Both silent and deadly, the spec ops is about stealth, infiltration, disabling security, and such.
* Psy Ops: All about confusing the opponent, tricking and distracting them.
* Weapon Specialist: These guys/girls can use all weapons, and excel at doing so.
* Tactical Specialist: If you need someone to lay down suppression fire, breach doors, you'll need a tactical specialist.
* Field Tech: The field tech builds turrets, repairs armors and such, very compatible with the engineer classes in other First-person shooter games.
* Field Medic: As the title says, these guys/girls can patch you up in no time.


Star Wars: Force Unleashed meets Grand Theft Auto but with far greater graphics. Infamous follows the story of Cole McGrath, a bike messenger and resident of Empire City. At the start of the game, a package that Cole was assigned to deliver causes a huge explosion that rips apart six city blocks, leaving behind a crater and Cole as the only survivor. The explosion has granted Cole several electricity-based powers, but he falls into unconsciousness, waking up two weeks later to find that Empire City has fallen into chaos; without police, gangs have taken over areas of the city, and a plague has infected many of the residents causing the city to be quarantined by the government.

7.Uncharted: Amongst Thieves

Uncharted: Amongst Thieves will land Fall 2009. The first Uncharted was one of the greatest gaming experiences on any consoles this generation. Nathen Drake is back this time he has 30% more power from his friend the CELL. Uncharted 2 looks really fucking incredible, the jungle will be replaced with war torn city landscapes and snow covered terrain

8.Quantum Theory

If Gears of Wars was to be on the PS3 this is what it will be "Quantum Theory "
Team Tachyon will be using the Ninja Gaiden Sigma PS3 engine from Team Ninja.

According to Keisuke Kikuchi Team Tachyon president: " So Tecmo, just thinking as whole, Team Ninja has already put out a game, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, on the PS3, and internally we've already shared the knowledge, and the know-how, and we're very aware of the technological challenges that they had. So, in a way, we have already been exposed to that.

And moving forward, we think that we can push it to the next level with Quantum Theory. So it's not like we're completely starting from scratch, but the luxury of having a team, internally, that has already worked on a PS3 title, definitely has been a help.

8.Ratchet and Clank Future 2

There is not much know about story and expected date. Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty confirms a sequel for Fall 2009. The first R&CF:TOD came very close to a Pixar movie, guess what I am expecting from the second?

9. Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer

Is developed by French studio Quantic Dream for the PlayStation 3. The game is being directed by Quantic Dream's founder and CEO David Cage, who also wrote and directed the studio's two previous games, Omikron: The Nomad Soul and Fahrenheit.

There is no information about the story for Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer. All I have to say it looks good and sounds damn intriguing. Quantic Dream is a AAA developer that takes pride in there products.

10. God Of War III

Should I say more. God of War III may be the most epic experience to land on any console ever. And I leave it at that! video after jump.


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