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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

NanoGeekTech Presents:Sony PS3 Best of 2008

Its all over, 2008 was a rough year for Sony in the gaming media but if you where a Sony PS3 gamer it was a magical year. With 2009 already on it's way 2009 is officially looking to put Sony on the forefront of this epic next generation console war.

These are my top five best moments for Sony PS3 in 2008:

1. Metal Gear Solid 4

MGS4 is one of the few reminding exclusives Sony has latched on to dare life to. For the time being MGS series is being kept close to Sony war chest. Metal Gear Solid 4 was released June 14th 2008 stateside to critical acclaim. Hedio Kojima masterpiece was able to tie up all loose ends in the Metal Gear series. Giving MGS fans the answer to all of their quandaries over the past 22 years of this great established franchise.

Beside answering every question any MGS fan needed to know, Hedio Kojima was able to create a fantastic graphical experience that has yet to be seen on any console outside a Sony PS3. MGS4 was also finally able to represent some of the raw power of the famed CELL processor that is the back bone of the Sony PS3.

MSG4 has the graphical mantel for 2008 and for good measure it boast some of the best sound you will ever hear on any electronic device. So if you are still pondering about a new system Sony PS3 or Xbox 360 Metal gear Solid 4 is worth the price of admission.

2. LittleBigPlanet

The next Generation Mario has arrive kinda! LittleBigPlanet is a great example of the direction Sony is planning "social gaming" Many would feverishly debate that Xbox LIVE has ushered in true "social gaming" that's not the case. Microsoft introduced us to social gaming with LIVE but Sony is planning to take it to the next level. LittleBigPlanet demonstrates this like no other game before it.

LBP core function is to have "FUN" with a few friends, with your kids, or with random assholes online. You can create your own level using some of the best and at times ease to use creation tools in gaming history. If you are not the creative type and have the patience of a three legged South American flying roach. They are over 20 plus completely unique levels that comes with the game. If that does not make your nipples hard(if it does you have some issues), they are over 300,000 different user created levels to play.

LittleBigPlanet is a very unique game with minor issues that can easily be fixed with firmware updates. LittleBigPlanet is social gaming 2.0, you can create a level with one friend or two, you can play any level with three friends or four, you can race, fly, dance, make musical levels,make use of EyeToy and best of all it's incredible fun.

WTF alert: "Where the hell is a LittleBigPlanet room or space in HOME? What is Sony waiting for?"

3. Resistance 2

You want to see a damn good video game ending? Go out right now and purchase a new/used Sony PS3 if you do not already have one and along with your new shiny black beast(aka "The Matrix") please for the love of games pick up a copy of Resistance 2.

I am almost tempted to leave it at that, but I'm not. Resistance: Fall of Man is an instant classic with a great story, production value and online component. R2 has tried and masterfully super exceeded RFOM in every way. There's is one thing I hold sequels up to "you have to implement better technology to make an already great experience better"

Resistance 2 has taken a great leap graphically
from it's predecessor squeezing a little more raw power out of the CELL. Online has been made better with online co-op up to eight and 64 player online matches with absolutely no "lag" what so ever(shit I do not know how they do this!)

Resistance 2 is the most complete FPS of 2008 and it's a worthy addition to any one's library even if you do not own a PS3.

4. PSN

Since it's inception the PSN for Sony PS3 has been a little gimped. 2008 has transform Sony PSN into a formidable foe to the the almighty Xbox 360 LIVE. In 2008 we saw the video store added, tons more PS2 and PSP games to download, Life with PlayStation revamped, officially to most complete blu-ray player on the market(firmware updates), great new exclusive PSN only games like "The Last Guy" or "PixelJunk Eden". Full games such as: Burnout Paradise, WipeoutHD and Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty graced us in 2008. Sony PS3 PSN number speaks for themselves.

Sony PS3 PSN is an ever evolving platform, ever month its better than the previous month. This is just the beginning for Sony PSN. The official arrival of HOME on the PSN may help things can get very interesting. Would you and I be able to attend a virtual E3 2009(is this a reason why E3 is relevant again?) by paying a small fee while sitting in the comforts of our living rooms? The possibilities are endless aka "The Matrix".


HOME is where the heart is, and the pedophiles, and the girls that are really guys. I am not talking about your HOME I am talking about Sony's HOME for the PSN. Home was finally release out of closed beta black hole of death just last month. And to many people's surprise Sony was working on a virtual social network(*sarcasm*) so this thing Sony called HOME does exist.

HOME is a very interested place, with an infinite amount of possibilities some good and some bad. EA will be launching a Sports Complex in Spring 2009. There's the possibility to go to virtual Sony events for example E3 2009 or 2011. Maybe see a Sony movie premieres for a small fee from your "HOME space" Or have movies and games premieres in HOME.

Sony's Home can help change this next gen console war if done right. If Sony continues to improve Home making it a better sociable place to mingle with friends before you blow their heads off with your modified shotgun that's not bad for being totally absolutely FREE.


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