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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sony PS3 TV Advertising Needs Help ASAP

Sony has received constant flack and criticism from the online gaming media conglomerates and rabid fandrones of the gaming community for many things. Everything from, being too hard to develop for, cost of hardware is out of reach for the mass public, no AAA games, blu-ray sucks, PS3 has no B/C, and the only thing I agree with "Sony Television Advertising sucks ass through straws"

Sony recent waves of ads are simply terrible and mundane. Way back around the beginning of the new millennium(2001) Sega had a very amusing and great television ad campaign that Sony can learn from for SegaNet. Now, that Sega is no longer revelant in the console world could Sony still learn form them? Simple answer"yes".

-video after the jump:

The most recent PSN ad debuting the PSN Video Store is at the best blah. The ad is filled with contrite humor and there is nothing that makes you say "I want that PS3" or "I want to do that on my PS3" . I understand it can be fairly hard for Sony to find the right balance when making an attempt to explain a digital device that can do it all in HD and eventually 3D. But shit, Sony you need to try harder.

The next Sony PS3 ad shows off some actual in-game content with video footage. But the stupidest thing of it all, Sony show's you all the games videos on a white brick wall at night on the side of a building "WTF". This ad does nothing for any of the games being showcased. You cannot judge the quality of the games being showed, you could barley tell what games are being showed "WFT"

Sony ads does not excite, and this is a clear classic example of "when game ads go bad". If I was a gamer contemplating the purchase of a new next gen console and I saw Sony's ad for the first time. I would be some what dumbfounded about what they hell does a Sony PS3 has to offer me?

-Note to Sony: Please show gameplay footage of Sony AAA exclusives on anything else but the side of a fucking building at night!

-Note to Sony : Please show the games so people can see the high production value within advertised game!

-Note to Sony: Make the public want your shit and feel that they cannot live without it(Apple does a great job with its products), sprinkle a little excitement into your ads Sony "please for the love of God".

Sega is no longer making consoles but there's was one constant you will get out of their ads, how good the games look and owning a Sega console could be utter fun.

Sony has a long way to go to establishing a better perception of their mega console. This can be done by using many methods, with advertiser strapped for cash and willing to whore themselves to corporate America/Japan. Why not take advantage of the current economic climate and commission better high quality television ads.


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