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Sunday, January 18, 2009

What is a WarDevil?

Three years in development and we are still waiting for Digi-Guys fantasy action-adventure video game. According to the guys at Digi "We'll be releasing new material in 2009, but when/how is in the hands of our Publisher - therefore, we must keep to their schedules. WarDevil is progressing to plan - it has a long development process as we're creating an Engine, a Game & Short Movie and each of these elements can take a lot of time on their own."

But what do we know about WarDevil? At this point absoulalty nothing. Digi-guys has put up a teaser for WarDevil Chronicles a cartoon/anime short that will debut several characters and situations "throughout the life of the main WarDevil project." We know for the time being WarDevil is currently slated as a Sony PS3 exclusive.

Digi-Guys will be using a game engine called RTE1080(realtime engine). The WarDevil RTE1080 game engine is designed to work in 1920X1080 HD and run at 60fps.

All I can speculate is WarDevil will be out soemtime this year, more than likly Fall 2009. WarDevil looks very interesting only if the Digi-Guys can release just a little more information to fuel the hype train.

Digi-Guys are currently recuriting for the next production Phase.


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