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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pay $2.99 for 16 Trophies

Want 16 easy trophies, shell out a whopping $2.99 and you will be able to get 16 trophies by doing nothing. Sitting on your ass has never been so good.

Linger in the Shadows is a Demoscene project by the Polish demogroup Plastic. If you aks me it's interactive art. You can interact by using the Sixaxis as a user-controlled camera and the ability to scratch back and forth in the timeline.

The interactive part lets the user explore the first fifth of the game by manipulate objects and the camera to find hidden greetings which will unlock trophies.

Linger in the Shadows is a different experience and for $2.99 its almost worth it. If you unlock all the trophies it only cost you .18 cents per trophy versus $1.15(not including tax) with your average game that cost $59.99. How many things in the world can satisfy you for $2.99( I am not talking about a McDonald Value Meal because that is far from satisfying)


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