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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

God of War III Native 1080p resolution

Sony has recently announced that God of War III would indeed be hitting shelves sometime during 2009, French gaming magazine PSM3 gives us the latest on the project Here are the details.

The game will run at 1080P natively at the 'perfect' frame rate. There will also be no obvious loading times, similar to Uncharted or Devil May Cry 4. We can also expect to see tons of enemies on screen at once with no hiccup in the frame rate.

Despite not having David Jaffey or Corey Balrog(the directors of the previous 2 games), the staff still retains 60% of the people that worked on the past games. They've also enlisted Naughty Dog(Uncharted: Drakes Fortune) and Insomniac(Resistance, Ratchet) for help developing the game. With Santa Monica, Insomniac and Naughty Dog all sharing assets and knowledge about the PS3, it looks like GOW III will sure be epic.

The sex mini-games are back! The PS3 allows for Kratos' individual muscles to bulge, and sweat can be seen on his body, so Santa Monica figured why not apply the same to the girls in the series' popular sex mini-games


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