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Thursday, February 5, 2009

NanoGeekTechTV presents: Tekken 6

Are you ready to rumble, Tekken 6 is getting very close. Tekken 6 is expected to hit stateside fall 2009.

-Every frame animation for every character has been changed.

-Some stages are multi-tiered (Cemetery, Fallen Colony) with new stage features and daylight/night-time transitions (Temple Grounds) depending on the stage.

-The game will have an online versus multiplayer mode.

-The customization system from Tekken 5 returns, with improved options and more items. The player is able to switch tops and bottoms between available character costumes, as well as substitute alternate pieces. There are common options shared by many or all characters including various items like glasses, hats, decorative swords and options for 'bare hands' or 'bare feet'. There are also character-specific items and pieces, as well as special items that unlock "item moves" once equipped.

-The game adds a new "rage" system, which gives characters more power when their vitality is low. When activated, a red energy field surrounds the character and their health bar starts to flicker red.

-The game also introduces "item moves", whereby characters use items to attack the opponent. For example, Bryan Fury uses a shotgun.

-The game introduces a new system called "Bound"; after moves that knock the opponent down in juggles, the opponent cannot tech roll. A new bound comes into play, extending juggle possibilities.

-The game also has an increased health bar compared to the previous games, due to the new features stated above which deplete a lot of health.


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