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Friday, February 6, 2009

KillZone 2 Demo Impressions

The hype has grown to a feverish pitch for what may turn out to be this century's sickest thing since the "Spanish" influenza pandemic of 1918. KillZone 2 has officially went LIVE on EU PSN yesterday and will be on the US PSN Feb 28th 2009. If you do not have or need help to get an EU PSN account, it's very easy to set up your own EU PSN Account! KillZone 2 will truly change our misguided and bias knowledge of what a next generation FPS should be.

KillZone 2 demo experience is true next generation gaming at it's finest. Every aspect of KillZone 2 from visuals, sound and total feel is a remarkable technological feat. What's sad and dishearten is the demo will end in about 14mins the first time around and a lot quicker the second, third and fourth.

I will spare you with any backstory of KillZone 2 you can easily Google it. My current Media setup is a 30" Samsung Neo-Design DynaFlat HDTV Monitor 1080i HDCP compliant with my PS3 hooked up DVI-HDMI(DVI is an 8 bit RGB signal, while HDMI can be 8 bit RGB, or 8 bit, 10 bit, or 12 bit YCbCr.) Digital Sound is powered by a Sony 6.1 Dolby Digital receiver.

The reason I provided my specs for my experience with KillZone 2. I am not experiencing KillZone 2 to it's maximum impact. KillZone 2 native resolution is 1080i/720p and 7.1 Digital audio via HDMI. The audio in KillZone 2 provides some of the best sound effects in gaming lasting a mere 14mins. I have never personally experience weapons that flaunted sexy appeal since a little game by EA called "Black". I'm in love with the way Hollywood can make the barrage of bullets being emptied from a AK47 sound almost as sexy as two naked lesbians doing sign language. Guerrilla Games has achieved a level of audio immersion that will awake an industry it's fucking scary.

Being that I am an avid gamer at heart and fairly old school certain things appeal to me. The most important aspect for me is how does a game "feel". Are the controls precise, does it do what I want it to do, and do I feel like the person I am controlling. Many games has done this right, BioShock, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid 4 just to name a few. As you sprint around Helghan making it rain bullets. Guerrilla was able to translate an eerier feel that I have rarely felt in any FPS. Your character moved as if there is weight attached to your movements. You could sense each foot impact on the ground as you run or walk, KillZone 2 controls excels and raises the bar for other FPS to follow.

The Graphics in KillZone 2 is nothing but holy mother of god spectacular. Everything you have heard online/offline is fucking right. It is! You have to play KillZone 2 to appreciate the technology being your experience. KillZone 2 is a true Hollywood interactive experience and Sony final answer to all that has question it's agenda as a gaming console. Finally Sony, has a game that will move consoles, emotions, expectations, and a generation.


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