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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why All the Hate for HipHop Gamer?

Yesterday, published a reader-submitted article titled "Why is Ruining Games Journalism." then reported "A Fair Look At HipHopGamer & N4G's Controversial Community" to help pure fuel on the fire. PlanetXbox360 has since deleted the article on "Why is Ruining Games Journalism" you can read the article in full below:

I am not attacking the show that HipHopGamer produces or his love/passion for video games, the thing that bothers me is the way they have been going about getting attention from the gaming public. Posting stories over and over again with the only point being to get people arguing is not right, nor is copying other site's stories or posting untrue news. I have always thought his video show was original, something different; this new way to get traffic is not anything but annoying. I'm also hoping this is a "wake-up" to sites trying to use this tactic, HHG was only the one that I noticed doing it a lot recently; there are plenty others.

For the past couple weeks I have had to continually see one specific "site" ruin the blossoming reputation of That site is the one in the title of this article and I cannot bear to mention it by name again. It is ruining games journalism and for that I felt a calling to write about it, and hopefully garner some amount of attention towards the trash they call "news" or "gaming articles". I could easily spend the entirety of this post pointing out grammatical or spelling errors in the website's editorial content but that would be too easy. I could also point to a countless number of examples which prove their console biased and blatant fanboyism, too easy.

Everything they write is junk, posted with one purpose: to get a rise out of fanboys and push as much traffic as possible towards their "website" (quotations used for sarcastic purpose). In the past week I have watched as four or five articles shot to the front page of N4G, all approved by the same four brain-dead individuals and it makes me sick to my stomach. All four of these so-called articles were about the Xbox 360 over-heating, or dying, or being turned into an actual toilet. Please, I beg you not to ever visit their site for editorial content; the video "show" that the HipHopGamer produces is actually not that bad (it's his writers that suck at life); yet it is full of rumors and gossip.

The only other topic was able to touch on was that Killzone 2 would actually destroy Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 in terms of sales and gameplay performance. Yet they have not played the game at all, other than the 10 minute demo (which I do admit is fantastic). Everything that spews off of their site smells of feces and reads like something a 7th grade middle-school teacher would find in their "slowest" student's notebook. Games journalism has made a lot of progress over the past couple years and people like this are only going to bring it down to an all new level of trash. Everything does not need to be an argument, or a fanboy discussion; news should only be considered such if it has factual backing, not conjecture and guess-work.

The community of need to be more careful about what articles are approved for public view; we can stop this junk from going ever live. There are only two other solutions to this problem and either one is fine by me. First people need to stop giving this ridiculous joke of a website any attention, I went back and forth multiple times on whether or not to even post this article. If people stop paying attention to their grade-school content we may get lucky enough for the second possibility to happen; HHG goes away and never returns to so-called games journalism.

In conclusion I am just looking for people to recognize that there is a problem with "bloggers" acting as if they are actual gaming journalists and posting news as if it is a fact. The layperson may log onto and see some piece of junk article that HHG has posted and take it as truth, while the whole time it was made up and posted for the sole purpose of gaining traffic numbers. I do not have any personal ill-feelings towards the HipHopGamer himself, like I said I like his videos however the junk news has to stop, please!

This article was submitted to by a reader and the view is not necessarily one represented by the staff of this website.

The article was then posted on N4G a user submitted video game blog(sidenote: N4G is a fucking joke run by idiots with a screw up agenda) the article was later labeled failed and removed from N4G. after about 24 hours and 214 comments later. is operated by an African American with a popular video blog called the HipHopGamer show. usually posts all of their stories on N4G with flaming tag lines such as "Killzone 2 a Halo Killer?", "Killzone 2 is not a Halo Killer", "Does Sony need a Halo Killer?", "Will the PS3 be able to compete with the XBOX 360 in 2009", "2009, the year of the PS3", and "Will FUD be the Industry Standard in 2009?".

Some may see this as flame bait or fanboyish but the young man gets hits to his website and has acquired a loyal following. My biggest problem with the HATE has received is because is ran by a African American that has merged videogames with the HipHop culture. Writing and talking about videogames has always been a non-minority field where you rarely see and hear from any African Americans. "It's time for a Change"

Everyone has the right to provide there opinion on the world wide web and at the same time try to make a living and name fro themselves. If HipHop Gamer provides informative news about the videogame industry with a HipHop twist that the gaming public is not used to, does this deserve all the Hate? I will end my tirade with two quotes: "Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.Coretta Scott King and "It is better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for someone you are not.”


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