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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sony PS3 January Sales Number Crunch

The NPD Group returns with its console hardware and software sales breakdown for the month of January. Hardware and software sales didn't quite reach the billions like they did back in December 2008, but this does not mean the industry is struggleing like our economy.

January 2009 US Games Industry Summary

Total Sales - $1.33 billion USD (+13%)
Hardware Sales - $445.5 million USD (+17%)
Software Sales - $676.6 million USD (+10%)
Accessory Sales - $209.8 million USD (+11%)

Despite slower sales following the past Holiday shopping season, this year coupled with the ongoing economic doom and gloom, the video game industry started this year on better footing than it did back at the start of 2008. Industry sales were up 13 percent; console hardware sales were up 17 percent from the year before, while software sales saw a 10 percent year-on-year increase.

Sony's PS3 momentum seems to have come to a screeching halt with sales for January 2009 slipping 24%, according to NPD. Nintendo Wii sales was 405,200 units and saw a 147.88% increase for the same time last year. Microsoft Xbox 360 sales climbed to 79,000 units with an increase of 34.35%.

January 2009 US Hardware Sales

Sony PS3
-Unit Sales 203,200
-Unit Sales per Week 50,800
-Year-to-Date 203,200
-Lifetime-to-Date 6,997,000
-Jan 09 - Jan 08 Unit Change -65,800 (-24.46%)

Sony PlayStation Portable
-Unit Sales 172,300
-Unit Sales per Week 43,075
-Year-to-Date 172,300
-Lifetime-to-Date 14,513,000
-Jan 09 - Jan 08 Unit Change -57,700 (-25.09%)

Sony may be following the same path of the Sega Saturn if this sales trend contuines. Sony ailing sales should rebound with Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter IV and the mega blockbuster Killzone 2 all hitting the states side by months end. This is one more reason, Sony needs to cut the price of the PS3 now versus waiting until spring or summer 2009.


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