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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Watchmen: Begins Assaults on HOME March 5

I'm still not feeling Sony's brainchild "HOME" on the PSN but that will eventually change "I hope". According to the official website, the first episode of Watchmen: The End is Nigh will be released for Xbox Live and Steam on March 4, while the Playstation Network's users will be able to snag the game on March 5.

Watchmen the film is due to arrive in movies theaters on March 6th. Suits from Hollywod will launch a promotional campaign in HOME beginning March 5th.

Then on March 6th, Paramount is hosting the first-ever filmmaker Q&A session in PlayStation Home, featuring the movie's director Zack Snyder (director of 300 ) along with graphic novel artist Dave Gibbons.

The PlayStation Home invasion is a product the specialist film marketing agency Picture Production Company and Deluxe Corporation, who previously worked on one hell of an amazing Second Life campaign for the Transformers movie.


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