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Friday, March 13, 2009

Burnout Paradise in 3D on the PS3 coming soon?

Some of you may not know this but at the current moment Burnout Paradise can be played in 3D and has had a test run in 3D using tech firm NVIDIA's GeForce 3D graphics card and glasses. Doug McConkey of Criterion Games says he was unsure of how advanced the game would be but was very impressed by this early technology.

Sony's PS3 is a 3D beast in hiding, all Sony has to do is push a button aka "firmware update". With the recent showing of Motorstrom and Wipeout in full HD 3D this past CES 2009, Sony already knows the value of going all 3D. When Sony goes 3D this will in theory be the deciding factor that may help propel Sony PS3 sales.

In the March Edition of Qore. Eagle-eyed PSI forum member "jaxmkii" points out that during the interview with the developers of Burnout Paradise featured in this month's edition of the online PlayStation magazine, the interviewer can be seen playing the game while the screen's image is doubled as if it were displaying an image meant to be seen with 3D glasses, which she happens to be wearing.


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