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Monday, August 31, 2009

The PSP Go unboxing

Those GamesRadar folks sure are lucky. We already saw them unbox a PS3 Slim, and now they've laid their hands on another piece of Sony hardware: the PSP Go.

Storage: The Go will offer 16GB of built-in flash memory, and it's expandable via a Memory Stick Micro (M2) slot. There is no UMD (Universal Media Disc) drive on the PSP Go. While that no doubt allows for the smaller size (and, we hope, the potential for better battery life), it also means there's no way to play existing PSP software you might own on the PSP Go.

Controls: While the layout may be different, the control scheme on the PSP Go is little changed from earlier PSP models: a four-way d-pad on the left, the standard quartet of geometrically coded Sony controls (circle, square, cross, triangle) on the right, select/start buttons in the center, and the PlayStation "home" button to the left of the screen.

Wireless: In addition Wi-Fi support, the PSP Go adds Bluetooth capability to the Sony handheld platform for the first time. That should allow standard Bluetooth headsets (and, presumably, A2DP headphones and speakers) to pair with the PSP Go. In the leaked video, Sony rep John Koller also specifies the ability to tether the PSP Go to a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. The advantage of that isn't highlighted, but that would potentially allow Web browsing and online gaming via a tethered phone with a 3G data connection (when Wi-Fi access wasn't available). Another possibility (though pure supposition) is that you could pair a PS3 controller (which is Bluetooth-enabled) to the PSP Go.

PS3 integration: Again, it appears the existing interoperability between the PS3 and the PSP line will be carried over to the PSP Go. That includes the ability to cross-load some games and media, as well as the Remote Play option (access PS3-based content from the PSP over the Internet).


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