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Monday, September 28, 2009

Gran Turismo 5 features unvelied?

Sony has been on a roll with True HD 3D making it's way onto the PS3 in the very near future, a new Heavy Rain trailer, an official date for Gran Turismo 5 release, and a new special edition FFXIII 250GB PS3 Slim. The blogosphere has been a buzz with the wave of momentum that Sony's is gathering into the next year.

One of Sony's most anticipated titles Gran Turismo 5 featuring head tracking, will have a realistic release date of March 2010 in Japan. "I don't think it's going to be that much later in the US and Europe," Yamauchi said. "This is based on our production schedule. The reason why the dates for the US and [European] regions are not decided yet is because their marketing is still discussing their issues. It shouldn't be too far off from [the Japanese] date for the other regions as well."

Gran Turismo 5 Feature List

- Over 950 Cars

- Over 20 Locations
- Over 70 Variations

- New Physics
- Overturning of cars
- Damage
- Movable objects on the course
- The newest Hybrid cars and electric cars

Arcade Mode

- Single Player
- Split Screen 2 Player

GT Mode

- World Map
- My Garage
- Car Dealer
- Tuning Shop
- Championship Race
- License Test


- Open Lobby
- Text / Voice Chat
- Private Room
- Online Photo Album
- Online Replay Album
- Export of replays to YouTube

Photo Mode

- Photo Drive
- Photo Stage

Gran Turismo TV

- Improved UI
- Export of video to the PSP
- Progressive downloading


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