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Monday, September 28, 2009

Turn 10 responds to Forza III graphics

The demo of Forza Motorsport 3 was released on September 24th for the Xbox Live Marketplace. While having the potential to be a huge hit when released, many are still complaining about the games graphics.

Che Chou, the community manager of Turn 10, was kind enough to address some of the concerns across multiple game forums.

Here is his response to a claim that the in-game graphics of Forza Motorsport 3 are different than the ones found in photomode:

"One clarification about photomode and screenshots we've released so far. Aside from the added effects such as AA, DOF, and motion blur, all assets you see in photomode are the same although I do stand corrected on one factor which is the player car. They do have higher detail in photomode while all other cars, the environments, etc. are exactly what you see in game. And as you know in replays everything is the same. Anyway, did not mean to mislead or 'play dumb' with earlier statements as I misunderstood how LODs were being used in the various modes. That said, many of the screenshots we've released thus far have used the in-game graphics car models since we often shoot a scene including cars that aren't the player car. It all looks good and representative of the game, imo

The demo is visually representative of the full-game so racing in-game won't look much different.

I don't see that many jaggies on my multiple TVs at home and at work, but everyone's setups can be varied.

I guess that's the thing. Overall, when I'm racing around the track, my eyes are not bleeding. I am a fairly big graphics ***. I love taking photos in photomode. Games with bad graphics distract me from my experience. That said, when I play FM3, I do not think about how awful the graphics are or low in-game car models, etc. simply because the overall effect is that the game looks good. Can it look better? Yes, totally and I agree it is not perfect. But does it justify the vitriol of some of the threads I've scanned this morning? I'm not sure that it does. Everyone has their own opinion on the matter and that's fine and there's not much I can say except I hope you'll give the final game a chance and have fun with it."

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