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Sunday, September 20, 2009

HD 3D Sony's PS3 Secret weapon Part II

If you ask any fanboy who is the "victor" this current console war many would proclaim the Nintendo Wii as the new 'champ' with the Xbox 360 a close second and PS3 feeling like a redhead step child.

Nintendo brought motion control (MoCo) to the masses and made it relevant amongst game designers and grandmothers, Xbox 360 introduced a unified and seem-less way to play online with a community of your top 100 friends. Sony on the other hand--introduced an expensive super HD Blu-ray player that actually play games that no one seem to get right.

Sony has unleashed a foray of never before seen R&D videos showing what they have been stealthily cooking up in their labs. We saw a very interesting super zoom feature for the PS3, Sony unveiled advance facial recognition with head tracking for the PS3, Sony also demo'd a new voice recognition library for the PS3, dubbed PS3VR which is currently featured in SingStar, and most importantly Sony showed off WipeoutHD 3D in spectacular true 3D HD.

Sony is currently lagging behind it's major competitors in terms of sales, with the recent introduction of the PS3 Slim has helped close the gap. Sony needs to do something big to change the playing field and prove their relevance to the gaming world and most importantly the public.

Sony's secret weapon that will help change the tide will be the advancement of 3D viewing technology in our living rooms. With most major Movie Studios going 3D and many movie theaters revamping their screens to digital 3D. The next logical step in the world of 3D would be to bring 3D to our living rooms.

With Blu-ray being Sony's Trojan horse, Blu-ray will be the Trojan horse for 3D eventually arrival into our living rooms. Sony announced a few weeks at IFA 2009 it is to bring out a 3D series of its Bravia TVs in 2010, marking the first time the company has brought 3D technology to its TV range.

"Incorporating frame sequential display and active-shutter glass systems, Sony's proprietary high frame rate technology will enable the reproduction of full High Definition high-quality 3D images, and will form the centerpiece of Sony's 3D entertainment experience for the home," reads Sony's IFA release.

In addition, to 3D Bravias, Sony is also set to introduce and "develop 3D compatibility into many more of its devices, such as Blu-ray Disc products, Vaio and PlayStation 3, to provide a multitude of ways in which 3D content can be enjoyed in the home - from 3D movies to stereoscopic 3D games."

Specialist 3D games developer, Andrew Oliver, founder and CEO of Blitz Games told TechRadar:

"At IFA this week the big news is going to be 3D! Several companies will be showing their new 3DTVs, which is really exciting and having been privileged enough to have seen some of the prototypes, they really do produce exceptional results. 3DTV not only gives you the high resolution of HDTV, but also allows you to look into the worlds with a far greater level of immersion. 3DTV will soon be the new HDTV."

Sony also launched a new branding strategy at IFA 2009 – with its "'make.believe' philosophy" signifying the company's ability to "turn ideas into reality", with lots of talk at the IFA conference of 'synergies' and 'leveraging resources' in order to help promote 3D in the home.

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