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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Zune HD confirms 3D gaming

With Sony currently unleashing it's next generation 3D plans with very impressive 3D technology it was only enviable that Microsoft will also join the party. Micorsoft foray into 3D will begin with the Zune HD.

Over the weekend, several demo videos were posted online and then quickly yanked; As you can see in the clip below, the Zune HD is briefly shown playing a 3D racing game, while the voiceover highlights that the PMP will also allow for gameplay.

Since the Zune HD is based on NVIDIA’s Tegra chipset – a 720p HD-capable platform with HDMI output and hardware video acceleration – that really comes as no surprise, but it’s been a factor Microsoft themselves have been decidedly quiet on until now. The PMP officially arrives tomorrow, priced at $220 for the 16GB model and $290 for the 32GB version. Video after the Jump:

Via:[Ars Technica]


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