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Friday, September 4, 2009

Sony admits they're playing "Catch up"

Sony's head honcho is stirring fanboy's arsenal with his latest admission that Sony was fashionably late to the online console gaming world. According to CVG Sony Computer Entertainment president recently told EDGE magzine that Sony is fully awareof thier arrogance in developing PS3's online integration.

“I think we were late to offer the platform-level support, to make the online functionality work at that level…We made the prior decision that you do not introduce the common centralized network names into every experience, so publishers made their own. That was fine at the start, but as more and more games have online functionality you need a unified approach.”

Yoshida then concedes, "So Microsoft took that approach in the last generation, and maybe that's where people see the difference when they compare Xbox Live and PSN."

Sony has done a remarkable job with it's PSN since they debut the PS3 in November 2006, it is a steady evolving digital platform. Sony still has ways to go to out shine the new kid on the block, Microsoft's Xbox 360 LIVE by introducing key features such as: cross game chat, cross game invite and party invite being the most popular. But many will argue you get what you pay for but if all things had this much effort put into it and stills continue to be free count me the fuck in.



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