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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Did you get Modern Warfare 2 and have you played Single Player Campaign Yet?

Modern Warfare has officially hit the streets, with millions fragging, sniping and camping but will you be playing the Single Player Campaign?

If you have been living under a rock Modern Warfare 2 has made a tremendous splash at 12am midnight on November 10th. With thousands of eager fanboys and girls standing in line all across America, Modern Warfare 2 is looking to live up to expectation and the hype. Walmart, EB Games, Best Buy and countless other retailers have partake'd in the midnight madness extravaganza.

If you are reading this you may have already amassed will over 24 hours of MP online play time and may have not even seen the single player campaign. So the magical question I have, did Activision put the conversational Airport scene in MW2, just to make sure people play the single player campaign? Are you going to play the single player campaign or will your soul and mind get lost in MP?

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